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At conferences, the experts in a field are often brought together in ways that otherwise would not occur. The audiophiles at National Conference Recording Service specialize in capturing the presentations and wisdom that ensue. The recorders offer services such as onsite CD and DVD printing after each session, allowing attendees to return home with a copy of their favorite talk. Other services include professional CD and DVD duplication, as well as digitization of VHS and cassette tapes.

Tim Skurdahl, Owner

Tim Skurdahl has been involved in the recording industry since 1975.  From 1979 to 1982, he owned the largest cassette-tape production company in the Midwest, duplicating more than 10,000 cassette tapes per day, six days each week.  With his three other companies, he employed 26 persons.

With investor capital, Tim founded another company, Advanced Audio/Video Productions, which was sold for over $14 million only five years later.  He hired all of the employees, set up then state-of- the-art tape-loading and duplication clean rooms to exacting specifications, and created a superb sales force.

With his current firm, National Conference Recording Services, some of Tim’s prime clients include Promise Keepers (all conferences across the nation for the past four years), Texas Music Educators (26,000+ participants and 250+ workshops; from 2009 – 2014), Conference on World Affairs (60,000+ participants and 250 workshops), Crestcom International (6th year running with participants from 40+ nations), and Women’s Aglow International (10,000+ attendees for over five years), as well as others.

Tim’s expertise in providing product in quantity of exceptional quality in even the toughest recording environments has won him high respect and the repeat business of many corporations and ministries throughout the nation.

Earlier in his professional life, Tim was a very successful youth and music director for 15 years.

He developed a Saturday-morning children’s program that started with 17 children and grew to more than 650 kids.  He regularly hosted junior-high-school programs, growing a youth group from 20 kids to an average of more than 300 children for monthly extravaganzas.  He has worked with Youth for Christ International, Campus Life, and countless other ministries.  An exceptional musician as well (trumpet/flugelhorn and accordion), Tim has played such venues as Carnegie Hall; Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California; and McNichols Arena in Denver, Colorado.

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